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New Video - How to use an Acoustic Guitar Strap Button

Posted by Andrew Rivers at

We released another video this week, and we thought we'd film a short clip of us using one of our Fretfunk Acoustic Guitar Strap Buttons (see product page here). These are one of our best-selling products,  and we still get people contacting us to ask how they are used.

The idea for this product is really simple:  many acoustic guitars only have a strap pin on the bottom of the soundbox.  In order to fit a strap to the guitar many players use a bootlace on the other end of the strap, and tie the bootlace around the headstock.

The Acoustic Guitar Strap Button is a better solution.  You can simply button it onto your strap, loop under the strings and then button it back on itself.  You then have your strap attached to the guitar in no time.  It's also easy to take off, and will not damage the surface of the instrument.

(In case you're wondering, I'm also testing out one of our new T-Shirts.  We have 4 designs coming out, all with a rock music theme.  This one is "Respect The Solo" - much more on these to follow in the next few weeks.) 

Thanks for watching, and we will bring you another video and blog post next week.

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