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Why Guitars Aren't Getting More Expensive

Posted by Andrew Rivers at

Most things in life get more and more expensive as time goes on, but some things seem to defy this trend.  Here are some of the reasons why the headline prices of guitars haven't changed all that much in years.

Reason #1: Manufacturing Technology

When we were at NAMM in January we saw some guitar necks being CNC machined right there in the show.  We were so amazed by this that we stopped and took a video for a few minutes.  

It's not that long ago that this was all being done by hand for the majority of guitars, then it was being done on a machine by a skilled operator, then one at a time in CNC machine, and now the woodwork for guitars is being made many at a time in a "load the wood and press the button" kind of way.  With the amount of human labour required to product these then it's no wonder that the manufacturers are managing to keep prices in check.

Here's our video from NAMM:

If you want to see something even more amazing, check this out, it's a video of the machining of a full guitar body out of wood:

Still, from these you can imagine that there is still a lot of finishing needs to be done to take the machined body and turn it into a finished, painted product.  

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