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How to Hang Your Guitar with no DIY

Posted by Andrew Rivers at

I like to have guitars on display in the house, to me they're like Duchamp readymade art.  However, I have old house and every time I drill into the walls either the bricks, the mortar or the render simply turns to dust.  This doesn't make it easy when you have a whole load of guitar wall hangers to put in place.

I wanted to do something to get around this, and fortunately in our house we have picture rails.  I wondered if it would be possible to come up with a guitar hanger that could hang off the picture rails in my house.  If I could do this then there would be no DIY!

That's what I decided to do.  If only I had a metal bracket that could hang onto the picture rail and support normal guitar hanging arms!  There were a few questions left for me to answer on how these could be made, but I went down to a local sheet metal factory and had a chat with the guys there and they pointed me in the right direction.  In no time at all we had a prototype batch manufactured and we've been working together to produce picture rail guitar hangers ever since.

To use them, all you have to do is hook them over your picture rail and then hang your guitar as you would with a normal wall hanger, except that there is no drilling and it only takes a second!

The limitation, of course, is that you need picture rails, which a lot of modern houses don't have.  However, if you have an older house and you're looking for an easy guitar hanging solution then look no further.

These have been amazingly popular in Australia (one guy bought 15 in one go for his guitar collection) and we've also sold them as far afield as San Francisco.  

We'd love to hear comments from anyone on how they have come up with new ways to solve their guitar hanging issues, or if they need a solution and want some advice.


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