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Why I designed the V12 Pick holder

Posted by Andrew Rivers at

Fretfunk as a company was founded on pick holders.  Our launch product was what we now call the “Guitar Strap Pick Holder – Classic Edition”,  a pick holder that fits onto a guitar strap so you can carry picks with you wherever you are playing your guitar – assuming you’re using a strap.  We then followed this up with the “Guitar Strap Pick Holder – Deluxe Edition” – a rubberized version of the strap pick holder that is more flexible, and suited to thicker guitar straps. 


Having made these changes to pick holders I started thinking about ways in which the traditional microphone stand pick holder could be improved.  I noticed that many of the bands I saw playing live would have two or more pick holders on their mic stands, implying that they simply did not have sufficient capacity in the single-row pick holders to keep as many picks as they wanted.  I thought that if you had a double row of picks then you’d get more pick-carrying capacity but in a more compact space. 


I started sketching up some designs on the computer, but I was struggling to get the right design until I came up with the idea that they could be in a V-shape, like in a car engine when you have V-8 or V-12 cylinder arrangements to get more cylinders into the same length of engine.  I got a design out of the door and over to our tooling makers quite quickly after that but the initial design had a couple of issues.  It actually gripped the picks too well!


I went back to the drawing board and made the grooves a little deeper but more open, the grip a little lighter, specified the  material to be a bit softer and it worked just as expected!  The second set of tool samples were really good, and we then went into production with a view to launching at the start of September.


I hope you enjoy this new product from Fretfunk, and as always we’d love to hear your feedback and see photos of our products in action.

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