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If you've been following Fretfunk on our blog or social media you’ll know that we’ve recently been to the 2016 NAMM Show in Anaheim.  While we often rave about new products or gear that’s been launched an NAMM there is another side of the show that Fretfunk takes an active part in, and that’s the NAMM U business seminars.  We treat the show as a chance to renew our business every year by assessing where we are, where we want to go to and what we’re all about.

As a result of this process we decided that we’d create a new Fretfunk crest that encapsulates what we’re all about.

Fretfunk Guitar Accessories 


Fretfunk Guitar Accessories

This is a clear statement of what we do, and this hasn’t changed since we launched in 2010.  We are Fretfunk Ltd, and we sell guitar accessories.

Southsea England

This is where we are from, and where we are rooted.  Southsea has a string identity and a strong sense of community, there’s a vibrant live music scene and we are committed to this community.  It’s part of us.

Music in our Blood

We started Fretfunk because of a passion for music and guitar playing.  This is a core motivation that stays with us and shapes our business.

Genuine People Who Care

We are a small family-run business.  Every issues comes back to us, and the quality of the product you buy and the service you receive from us reflects personally on us.  You don’t get an order thrown together by an employee who doesn’t care, you get an order packed by us the owners.  We try to make sure that you’ll always be happy with Fretfunk products.  If you have any issue where we fall short of your expectations we will do our best to put it right as soon as we can.   It matters to us personally.


As we said above, the quality of the goods and services you get from Fretfunk are a reflection on us.  I want to be able to meet customers face-to-face and have them tell me how much they loved our products and how pleased they were with our service.  It matters to us personally. 

Design and Innovation

We want to bring you products that set us aside from regular music shops.  We want you to be able to come to Fretfunk and buy interesting guitar accessories.  The only way we can do this is to continue to invest in design and innovation for products we design, but also support a wider community of innovators and help them bring product to market through our store as well.  The world is full of mass-produced sameness and we’re making a stand to bring small-volume uniqueness back into fashion.


Last but not least.  The guitar accessories world is full of black stuff.  To be fair, some of our stuff is pretty plain as well, but we’ve always had an aim to bring colour to our product range.  We’re continuing to build out a range of colour, and here are some of the things we’ve got so far:



Thanks for taking the time to read this article, it matters to us that we reaffirm our values and what we’re about.

As always we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback, especially to this post.  You can add comments to the blog directly, or you can contact us via the feedback form on the website (click here).



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