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Feedback on Aurora Coloured Bass Guitar Strings

Posted by Andrew Rivers at

We recently exhibited at The Guitar Show 2016 in Birmingham. We had so much interest in coloured strings and coloured strap locks at the show that we sold out of some of the options, and they are proving more popular every week.

Yesterday I received a text message from a customer we first met at the show, who subsequently came to us to buy Coloured Guitar Strap Locks and Aurora Coloured Bass Guitar Strings.  This is what Martin had to say:

"Just put those gold bass strings on.  What a difference, top sound.  Will be ordering more strap locks and white strings next time."

We spend a lot of time trying to source well-designed, interesting, colourful, high quality guitar accessories.  We do our best to service customer orders as well as we can, but often we hear nothing back (which we hope means you're happy!).  

I really wanted to write this blog post to say how much we appreciate feedback from customers, and also that when we know you're happy with products we sell you it gives us a great feeling and spurs us on to do even more.  

The Aurora Coloured Bass Guitar Strings that Martin bought are a top-quality product, and we have developed our relationship with Aurora over the past year specifically because we believe in their products and feel that they complement the products that Fretfunk design and make.  We know that Aurora coloured strings have a great sound, partly because of the unique manufacturing processes that Aurora have, yet sometimes it's hard to get this across in a listing on a website.  It's really nice when a customer comes back to us like this, because actual reviews and feedback mean so much.

It's also interesting to see how customers are combining coloured strings and strap locks to give their guitars and basses a unique look.  Take Martin's choices for example, a black bass guitar with black strap locks and gold strings would look absolutely stunning.  

If you want to give Aurora Coloured Bass Guitar Strings, or Aurora Coloured Electric Guitar Strings a try we don't think you'll be disappointed in the look or the tone.

If you would like to send us your feedback you can do so here we are always keen to here from you.

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