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Coloured Guitar Strap Locks

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At Fretfunk we like to bring you accessories that add a bit of colour to your music.  This applies to our range of guitar straps, our coloured picks, our coloured guitar strings and also the subject of this post, our coloured guitar strap locks.

 Coloured Guitar Strap Locks available from Fretfunk in silver chrome, gold, black, blue, red and purple


I've been using strap locks since the late 1980’s (seems like a long time when you put it like that!)  I can remember seeing videos of hair metal bands spinning their guitars around their necks, and I soon realised if I was going to try this then I’d have to get myself some strap locks.  (If you want to try it yourself, just check out this YouTube Video)



When we got the chance to add strap locks to our product range we instantly thought that we wanted to offer something more decorative in addition to the standard chrome strap locks that are available everywhere.  This is why we sourced a manufacturer who could provide us with our own range of coloured strap locks.

Currently we have the following options available in Fretfunk’s range of coloured guitar strap locks: 

If you’re wondering how best to match the coloured strap locks to your guitar, silver chrome strap locks suit most guitars, especially those that already have chrome hardware.  If you’ve got a Les Paul with gold humbuckers though, a pair of gold strap locks really finish the look off.


 Fretfunk Gold Strap Locks would suit Les Paul guitar with gold hardware

Alternatively there are a lot of guitars with black hardware such as the pink Ibanez RG in the photo here, you might find that a pair of black strap locks suits is better.


Coloured Guitar Strap locks from Frtetfunk. A guitar with black hardware such as this Ibanez RG would suit a pair of Black Strap locks from Fretfunk


Apart from this, it’s down to you and how you want to personalise the style of your guitar.  You can always match coloured strap locks to the guitar’s body colour, or pick out the colour in the strap itself.  We’ll also be doing a piece on how to fit strap locks to your guitar, so keep looking out for that one in the near future.

 For more details on the current range of Fretfunk coloured strap locks click here 

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and comments.  You can comment on this blog post or click here to use the feedback form on the website or click here.

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