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5 ways to make your Guitar Gear more colourful

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At Fretfunk we've been aiming to bring you more colour in your guitar playing life, so we thought we’d write a short blog post to give you some ideas about how you can brighten up your gear without having to change your guitar.


  1.   Coloured Guitar Strings 

Fretfunk sell Aurora coloured electric, coloured bass, coloured acoustic and coloured ukulele strings.  We saw these coloured strings when we were at the NAMM show in Anaheim in 2015 and we loved the quality of them.  The guys we deal with at Aurora are great as well, and have an amazing enthusiasm for innovating around their theme of coloured strings.  We have recently taken delivery of a new range of Chameleon strings which change colour with the light.


You can get a set of strings in a single colour to match your guitar, or you can get a multi-coloured set where every string is different.  These strings also sound great and have a long lasting silver anti-corrosion coating underneath the colour.


Aurora Coloured Bass Guitar strings from Fretfunk Uk




  1. Patterned Guitar Strap


We looked for ages to source guitar straps that were both very high quality but at the same time also interesting and colourful.  This year we launched our range of patterned guitar straps and we are really proud of them.  Each of the pattern options was selected by Fretfunk and these have been made especially for us. 

 Fretfunk Range of Coloured Guitar Straps



  1. Coloured Strap Locks


You’ve been able to get strap locks for years, but at Fretfunk we decided that if we were going to get a range of strap locks then we’d have to go for coloured ones!     The Fretfunk range of coloured guitar strap locks includes silver chrome, gold, purple, blue, red and black.


Coloured Guitar Strap Locks from Fretfunk



  1. Go for brighter picks

 The range of Fretfunk coloured picks is actually made by d’Andrea in the USA, and we have our own Pro-Grip Brites in fluorescent colours made just for us.  Not only do we love the image on the pick – which reflects Fretunk’s roots in Southsea, England, but we also love the colours.  The most popular are the medium thickness in dayglow yellow, but you can also get a mixed set and try out all of them.


Custom Guitar Picks in a variety of colours and sizes


  1. Colour up your cables


You can buy coloured cables but most of us just seem to end up with black leads by default.  Not only is this a problem when you’re trying to figure out which lead is plugged into which socket, but also you find that after band practice someone has walked off with your leads because they look the same as everyone else’s.  Our cable collars are a simple way of marking your leads with a hint of colour so you know which is yours and you can easily tell where the other end of your leads is plugged in.  Just as useful for microphone cables as for guitar leads, these instrument cable collars are a cheap and quick way of colouring your lead ends.


Fretfunk range of coloured guitar cable collars to identify your cable more easily



So there are a few ideas, please have a look around the Fretfunk online store and see what you’d use to colour up your gear!

As always we welcome your feedback and photos of our gear in action. You can post to our Facebook or tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

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