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As we keep saying, we love to hear back from customers, especially when they love our products and our customer service.

I thought I'd share the following photos that we've received on Instagram and Twitter.  This first one is a very happy Guitar Strap Pick Holder customer in New York who's posted a great photo on Instagram.  


This photo is of one of our Acoustic Guitar Strap Buttons. These are a hugely popular product and we sell lots of these all over the world. If you're still using a bootlace to attach your strap onto an acoustic guitar then you need to get one of these - not only do they protect the surface of the guitar but they also make the strap easier to take on and off. 

 I'd like to say thanks again to these guys for giving us such a positive feeling about the work we do. If you'd like to get in touch remember you can always use the feedback form on our website or you can tag us Twitter or Instagram with @fretfunk.

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