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New Product: Fretfunk Custom Guitar Picks

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We had a funny moment at the Merseyside Guitar Show last November.  Someone came up to the Fretfunk stand and asked what we did.

"We're Fretfunk and we do guitar accessories," I replied.

"Have you got cables?"

"Err, no," I admitted.

"Have you got picks?"

"Err, no."

"Have you got straps?"

"Err, no."  Again.  

"Well what do you do?"

I then explained that we had all sorts of accessories, but we had shied away from the "standard" accessories because we wanted to bring something different.  Whilst the visitor to our stall was interested in what we had we didn't have anything that he needed on that day

That got me thinking that we needed to create ranges of "normal" guitar accessories, but in true Fretfunk style we needed to put our own twist on them.  "Quality...Design...Innovation...Colour" is our mantra, and so we set about working on new product ranges.

This got me onto thinking about how we could create a range of picks.  We don't have facilities for moulding plastic so we needed to work with a manufacturer who could create the sort of quality picks we needed and was able to get them to look how we wanted.  We searched for a long time to find the right people to work with to create our picks and we are now, finally, proud to present our Fretfunk Custom Guitar Picks.  

If you care about the performance of your picks you know you need to get moulded picks, because these are the picks that have a shaped edge to them.  The taper on the edge of these picks makes them slide over the strings easily, allowing you to pick with speed and accuracy.  The sharp edge of the taper is excellent for pick slides, giving a great slide sound without any feeling of stickiness on the strings.  If you buy cheaper picks stamped out of a sheet of plastic you simply don't get this level of playability.

These picks all come in vibrant colours chosen by us, with an imprint that we designed.  As you may have read in other blog posts we're proud of our roots, and so in addition to the Fretfunk name the design has the nautical star and anchor, and the Southsea, England" motif.  In Southsea you can't help but be connected to the sea, and we wanted to reflect this where we have the opportunity.

To cater for different playing styles and guitar types we wanted to ensure we had a range of pick thicknesses, so we have six different thicknesses from a light 0.50 mm through to an extra-heavy 1.14 mm.  of picks in this range, and each pick thickness is a different colour.  

We pack twelve picks into a pocket-sized tin just 4 cm across so they are lightweight, compact and can fit easily in your guitar case or your pocket.

Here are some pictures of the range of picks.  

First, we have the 0.50 mm picks in Rocket Red:

Close-up of Fretfunk Custom Imprint Guitar Pick 0.50 mm Rocket Red.

Then we have the 0.60 mm picks in Electric Orange:

Close-up of Fretfunk Custom Imprint Guitar Pick 0.60 mm Electric Orange.

We have a 0.73 mm in Arc Yellow:

Close-up of Fretfunk Custom Imprint Guitar Pick 0.73 mm Arc Yellow.

The the 0.88 mm in Neon Green:

Close-up of Fretfunk Custom Imprint Guitar Pick 0.88 mm Neon Green.

The very bright 1.00 mm in Shocking Pink:

Close-up of Fretfunk Custom Imprint Guitar Pick 1.00 mm Shocking Pink.

And finally the 1.14 mm extra-heavy in Ultra Violet:

Close-up of Fretfunk Custom Imprint Guitar Pick 1.14 mm Ultra Violet.

We hope you like these picks for the colours and the motif, but we are also confident that you will be happy with the quality.  We make every effort to make sure that all of the products we develop are made to the highest standard and we do our own quality assessment and packaging at our base in Southsea.

If you've any comments or feedback on these picks then please get in touch via the feedback form, or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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