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Ace of Spades Guitar Strap Locks

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The first time I saw Motörhead was in 1987.  Southport Theatre.  The local theatre management didn't know what on earth had hit the town as loads of bikers in leathers started milling around the entrance.  They panicked and hired in a ton of security staff - unnecessarily - who then spent an uncomfortable few hours squashed between the stage and the crowd.  (These days almost all venues have a security barrier, but there wasn't one on that day.)  It was a great gig, and the first in a very long line of Motorhead gigs I went to in Liverpool, Manchester, Donnington, Southampton, Portsmouth and elsewhere. 

A couple of years ago, at Southampton Guildhall, someone even had the temerity to throw a (plastic) bottle at the stage during a gig.  Lemmy stopped the show, pointed at the guy that had done it and said something along the lines of, "If you f****** do that again I'm going to f****** come down there and f****** punch you."  I don't think anyone doubted that he could, or he would.  The bottle thrower slunk away and the show went on.

A friend of mine even went to the Hammersmith Odeon on the Bomber tour for the show that was recorded for the legendary album No Sleep 'Till Hammersmith.  What an incredible night that must have been!  Everyone who went said they were deaf for 3 days, and hearing protection wasn't really taken seriously then (or at all).  He even has the ticket stub, 30 years later:

Ticket stub from the ledgendary No Sleep 'Till Hammersmith Motorhead concert.

I was even due to see Motörhead again this January but that wasn't to be.  Along with many music fans, I was shocked to hear of Lemmy's passing at the end of December.  Given the life he'd led, you could say he had a great innings, but even so we all thought he was indestructible.

At Fretfunk we wanted to do something to as a tribute to Lemmy, and we spent a while trying to find a fitting thing to do.  Finally we had inspiration, when a combination of ideas came together, and that was when we started developing the Ace of Spades strap locks.

Guitar strap locks are a great product, and if you've ever dropped a guitar accidentally because a strap has slipped off a strap pin you'll know why.  We've been doing a range of standard strap locks for a while now, and they are really popular with our customers. 

I got the idea that instead of the almost universally round washer on the strap locks we could make a washer in the shape of a spade, a large single spade signifying the Ace of Spades.  Once I started thinking about this I couldn't stop, and within two days the design was done, my local sheet metal factory had the drawing and we were away.

It's taken a few weeks to play with the metal finishing to get it right, and to sort out the packaging, but we're finally there.  This week we're finally able to unveil the Ace of Spades strap lock, and we hope you love them just as much as we do.

    Ace of Spades Guitar Strap Locks

We're launching these in a choice of black and silver, but we'll be adding gold as a colour within a few weeks. 

To view the product page for the Ace of Spades Guitar Strap Locks please click here

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Ace of spades guitar strap lock

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