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Are you gig ready? Part 1

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Many of you will be getting ready for extra gigs over the festive season and at Fretfunk we are always looking for simple solutions to help us and fellow musicians get their gear organised. In this blog we will highlight our tried and tested microphone stand attachments to ease some of the those live experiences and prevent the dreaded forgotten tabs, lyrics and lost picks.


1) The microphone stand tablet holder

I started using this product four years ago and I still have the same one I started with, which accompanies me to gigs and to all the guitar shows we attend around the county.  It is the most robust bit of kit I own! I have apps on my tablet for tabs, lyrics and I also use it to play music through the PA between sets. I no longer have to lug my folder of papers around any more, which simplifies my life!  Because the tablet holder is adjustable, when I upgrade my tablet I'll still be able to use the same tablet holder.  At its great knowing if I have one of the moments when my mind goes blank, I have all my lyrics and tabs at my fingertips. 

Microphone stand tablet holder -adjustable

  2) The V12 Pick holder & coloured picks

Losing a pick on stage should never set you back and so most musicians will turn to a pick holder on the microphone stand.  We designed the V12 pick holder  which is designed to hold 12 picks.  This way you will never lose your picks!  if you don't have a microphone stand you may also want to consider our strap mounted pick holder which can hold up to 6 picks safely on your guitar strap.

To go in your pick holder we have designed some picks which are colour coded for different sizes.  These picks were designed by us but manufactured for us in the USA by the original manufacturer of guitar picks. The bright colours means they are easy to spot and if you change your pick for your style you can choose  from a variety of sizes.








3) The Microphone stand cup holder

This has been a god send to me.  There was one occasion when our lead singer accidentally kicked his pint over - right onto my pedal board!!! Grrrr!!!  As a slightly OCD guitarist I did not take it too well and I sought out the best product to prevent this happening again.  I have been using this cup holder ever since. The holder is a neat and clever design as the cup part adjusts to hold small bottles and can expand to hold my travel mug, larger bottles and pint glasses of various sizes.  The part that fixes to the mic stand is also adjustable and is quick and easy to attach and remove at the end of the night. We have had great customer feedback on this cup holder and not only do they appeal to guitarists but singers and drummers use them too.



If you would like to order any of the products mentioned in this blog you can click on the photos to take you directly to our website.  All orders placed before 4th December will receive an extra free gift.

In the next blog we will be taking a closer look at some of the gear that will really make you stand out from the crowd and allow your performance to shine.

Your feedback is always welcome and we hope you enjoy your festive gigs, whether playing, listening, watching, rocking or jigging. Whatever your style make sure its funky.

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