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We often get asked about our range of coloured Bass strings.  We have added to our range and now stock both four and five string sets in a range of colours.

In the Aurora high quality string range we stock the following gauges:

Four String

40-100 Black, Red, Lime and Multi-Colour

45-105 Black, White, Gold, Red, Blue, Aqua, Lime, Orange, Pink, Multi-Colour

45-105 Chameleon UV Glow in the Dark,  Red or Pink

45-105 Rock Pack for Rocksmith Game  - colour coordinated to enhance game play

Five String

45-125 Red, Aqua

We also hold a discount range called Arkay, there is a big price difference if you can't quite make the leap to the Aurora Brand, these strings are still good but the colour may not last as long. They are available in Red, Black, Purple, Green, Blue, Multi-Colour.

For the full range of colours click here

For further information click here

To see the strings action watch the video below:


Red Bass Strings

Unfortunately we can't stock the full range of colours in all of the gauges due to space issues, however if you particularly want a colour that we don't stock please drop us an email and we will see what we can do.

As always we love hearing your feedback and you can send it to us here or via usual social media channels. 

 Thanks for choosing to buy your coloured strings via Fretfunk.


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