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Coloured Bass Strings - Not just a gimmick

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We have been raving about Aurora bass strings for a while now;  they have superb quality that delivers amazing tone and a range of colours to suit the mood of your playing and your audience.

They are everything you need to not only deliver your music but to hand feed the audience an experience that will live long in the memory.

We believe it's the silver coated wires that makes the magic happen here.

Not only does the silver help the sound carry, it's crisper, and bassier (so bass led that we had to make a word up for it).

Don't just take our word for it: this what Mick, a dedicated bass player and customer, said:

"Now many regard coloured strings as a bit of a (cosmetic) gimmick - after all the colour coating isn't making any difference to your sound. This may be true but that doesn't mean they're not equal to non coloured strings sonically.

Right out of the bag the Auroras have a quality feel - giving you confidence in the playability of the strings.

Stringing the bass with the white strings adds detail to the existing colour and highlights the natural grain on the flame maple body and neck of the bass. Aesthetically these strings are working, but lets not kid ourselves, if they don't work to enhance our sound there's little point in fitting these.

The feel of the strings is great from the outset, string tension is right there, ideal for popping the lighter strings and the hammer-ons they invite you to play. The resonance on the lower strings is equally smooth and positive, finger style they encourage you to play those extra notes without realising, slapping feels like they're playing themselves.

These are not a cheap gimmick, they perform as good as any, better than many, and I've tried lots.

Nice deep lows, a good mid range and sweet highs tell you that these aren't just made to look good, they're just good, good enough to be your string of choice even if they were plain.

Highly recommended."

Your Bass deserved to shine and we have a range of colours for you to choose from; and if we don't stock them we can probably get hold of them.

Click on one of the links for your preferred string type:

4 String Bass Guitar      5 String set for bass guitar

Got questions call us on +44(0) 23 93 190 850, we'll be here. If we are on a tea/music break leave us a message or e-mail and we will get right back to you.

Are you daring enough to come out from backstage and take on the limelight, get the lead guitarist to stand aside?

Fretfunk present pink aurora bass strings on black bass






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