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Is sheet music a thing of the past?

Posted by Andrew Rivers at

I was talking to a fellow musician at the London International Guitar Show. We were chatting about how best to learn new music, and how we read music during practice.

We both identified with the bulging folder of dog-eared music printouts, where pieces are lost or end up covered in coffee or beer. We were pretty certain that we are we are not alone in this experience. I switched from this method once I found a solution which worked for me and I have been sharing this with fellow musicians ever since. I now store all of my music on my tablet.

I have tried a number of apps and these are some of the most suitable I have discovered, through my own trials, through conversation with fellow musicians,and I even managed a conversation with my angsty teenage son!

Apps for your lyrics include: Musixmatch, Tunewiki, Lyrics Finder.

Apps if you prefer sheet music? Musicnotes, forScore, MusicSheetsPro.

Apps for guitar tabs? Tab Pro, Songsterr, Tabfinder.

The list is endless - we all love music and app developers are continually giving us better tools for our music.  I love the way things constantly evolve and as a designer and product developer am keen to try out the latest innovation.

So how did I resolve the folder full of papers issue?  I use a universal tablet holder that easily fits onto my microphone stand.  This allows me access to all of my apps and if someone suggests a new song I have the technology right there at my fingertips to access the tabs or lyrics and give it a go. 

The Fretfunk Universal Tablet Holder is universal because it adjusts to fit a range of tablets, including iPad, Amazon Fire and Samsung Galaxy.  It can also be viewed in both landscape and portrait orientation. It is very easy to set up and can be left on the stand or easily taken off when your you have finished playing. 
The feedback we have received on this holder is that it is more secure, durable and easier to use use than others products on the market.  

It's also packaged in an incredible eye catching colour!
Fretfunk universal microphone stand tablet holder

To find out more follow this link:

I am certain that once you switch to this method there is no looking back.

In the run up to Christmas we are also sending a  Free gift worth £4.99 with every universal tablet holder purchased throughout November and December 2017. So what's stopping you from trying one?

If you have further questions or need to double check it is suitable with your tablet we are happy to take your calls 023 93190850 or email: 

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