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How long can you keep a teenager outdoors in winter wearing only a T-shirt and jeans before he starts to complain about the cold?  Amazingly long as it turns out.

We had great fun the other day taking photos of straps and strings in the streets around Fretfunk HQ.  

We're working on two themes for Fretfunk products at the moment.  These are "Funky Gear", which includes our custom designs and unusual accessories, and "Play With Style", which is how we theme our colourful and distinctive accessories such as strings and straps.  

We were trying out some different backgrounds to see how they work.   Here's our Black and Orange Bandana Guitar Strap with some Red Aurora Coloured Electric Guitar Strings:

Photo of Ben with Bandana Skulls strap and red guitar strings

There's a house near Fretfunk HQ that is bright blue that gives a great background for photographs.  This time it's the White Skulls Guitar Strap that's on display.

Photo of Ben with white skulls strap outside blue house

It's amazing how some simple urban features also make great backdrops for an atmospheric picture.  How about an old wooden gate?

Ben with white skulls guitar strap and wooden gate 

Remember, it's not too long since he looked like this.

Photo of Ben and Wills on the stand in Birmingham

Hope you've got some funky gear on your Christmas list - if not have a look round the Fretfunk website for ideas!

Let us know what you think of the backgrounds, as they'll be featuring on Instagram over the next few months :)

Stay funky....

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