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Coloured Bass Strings - Not just a gimmick

Posted by Jo Rivers at

We have been raving about Aurora bass strings for a while now;  they have superb quality that delivers amazing tone and a range of colours to suit the mood of your playing and your audience. They are everything you need to not only deliver your music but to hand feed the audience an experience that will live long in the memory. We believe it's the silver coated wires that makes the magic happen here. Not only does the silver help the sound carry, it's crisper, and bassier (so bass led that we had to make a word up for it). Don't just take our word for it: this what...

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Deep Dive on Aurora Bass Guitar Strings

Posted by Andrew Rivers at

When we are out and about talking to the guitar - or in this case bass - playing public we often get asked questions about our products that we don't expect.  Never is this more true than the questions that bass guitarists have about bass strings.  These guys care about their strings in a way that surprising numbers of guitarists don't. In this post I'm going to talk a little about the bass strings that we sell, which are top-quality strings made by Aurora in the USA, and I'm going to point out some of the features of the strings...

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