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Top 10 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

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Are you stuck for a gift idea for Fathers Day? Or maybe you are a dad who deserves a treat? Here are our top 10 ideas for Fathers Day Gifts 

1. Vibrant Coloured Strings for Guitar, Bass or Ukulele

Coloured guitar strings

Coloured strings are a luxury for the Guitar, Bass or Uke Player making them a great gift.  Our range of coloured strings deliver high quality colour with no compromise on sound.  The Aurora Strings have a special silver coating before the colour is applied to ensure a long lasting and perfect finish.  We have a large selection of vibrant colours for all tastes including the glow in the dark chameleon range. Coloured strings are available for both Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass and Ukulele with Uke strings starting from just £5.99.  We also stock colour coordinated strings for the Rocksmith game.

For the full range click here or for colour matching advice read this.

2. New Guitar Strap

Why not brighten up your gear with a new colourful Guitar Strap? The colours are vibrant and can be matched to your guitar or strings!  Click here for colour matching help. 


Guitar Straps in great range of colours

 For the full range click here.  Priced at £17.99


3. Ace of Spade Guitar Strap Locks

Is your dad a Motörhead fan?  Treat him to this unique design of Ace of Spade Strap Locks? They come as a boxed as a pair in either Black, Silver or Gold.


 Click here to buy a pair of Ace of Spades Strap Locks for only £11.99


4. Microphone Stand Drinks Holder

A handy little gadget, allows you to have a drink close to hand whilst rehearsing or performing.  We have tested it and we can hold a sports bottle, can, beer bottle or pint. The cup holder is adjustable allowing for small and large drinks.


For full range click here.  Available in yellow or blue and yours for only £9.99

5. Pick Holder

Do you find picks all over the house? Most commonly found in the washing machine in our house!

Consider using a guitar strap pick holder, a handy way to hold 6 picks in place on the guitar strap.  The pick holder is available in two designs the classic which is a solid plastic material and the deluxe which is a softer more pliable material - the deluxe is recommended for thicker guitar straps. The Classic edition is £3.49 and the deluxe is £4.99

 To buy click here.


6. Guitar Hanger

Do you need a no DIY solution to hanging your guitars or Ukuleles with no need to ruin the walls?

Why not try a Picture Rail Guitar hanger, the easy way to keep guitars to hand when they are not being played and keep them off the floor away from any tiny hands. Suitable for Guitar, Bass and Ukulele. A Single hanger is £15.00 and a twin pack just £24.99. These hangers can also be used for other items such as metal detectors, bows and arrows, and generally items you want to keep high up.  They are a great way of creating floor space and can be moved from room to room - worth fitting some picture rails for :)

Picture Rail guitar hanger

To buy click here.

7. Guitar Picks

Try our custom designed guitar picks in a vibrant range of colours and 6 different sizes.  You can select twelve picks in one size or a mixed pack with two picks in each of the six sizes.  The picks come in a handy pocket sized tin and the total cost is £5.99


For full range click here.


8. Microphone Stand Tablet holder

If Dad has finally got used to using his tablet or smart phone for his guitar tabs, consider buying a microphone stand tablet holder.  We stock three sizes Type A for Ipad 2 only, Type B which is adjustable and can hold most tablets sizes 9.7-10.1 including ipad 2, 3,4 Samsung galaxy note/tab 10.1. or Type C which is adjustable for smart phones and mini ipads. They start at £9.99

For full range click here.


9. Guitar Dusting Mop - the handy little duster that gets the dust out from under the strings

To buy click here, only £3.69


10. T-Shirt

If you still aren't sure about a guitar gift how about a T-Shirt?


For full range click here.

If you need any help or more information on any our products please do get in touch by e-mail or via social media

Finally remember on Fathers day to take some time to relax, sit back and play guitar!

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Thanks for reading.

Andrew and Jo





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