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World Guitar Day 6th October 2017

Posted by Jo Rivers at

So being in the business I heard that it's World Guitar Day on 6th October so I thought, well that's all very good but what does that mean to me?  Does it mean that Andrew is going to ask if he can buy another guitar? or is Ben is going to use it as an excuse to skip college and play guitar all day?

Anyway if you are as puzzled as me about the meaning of World Guitar Day, here's what I found out........

It's a brand new online event for the guitar community hosted by Music Radar and Team Rock.  One of its aims is to inspire future stars. I think we can agree that we have lost a number of great talents and we need to ensure the future generations are inspired.

The day will consist of online interviews, Q&A sessions, tips, lessons and tutorials. There will be true guitar icons sharing their secrets, stories and knowledge.

A key highlight for me will be a Q&A session hosted by the one and only Joe Satriani. On one of our Fretfunk team outings we were fortunate enough to watch Joe Satriani play live in Portsmouth Guildhall and his performance blew us away. He has serious talent.  His Q&A session will be hosted at 7pm BST or 11am PT on his Facebook page. You can post questions for Joe.

The day also highlights the positive effects of guitar playing for health and well being and the psychological benefits it brings.

I shall be tuned in and I have no doubt we are in for some great live performances.

If you are still left wondering what's going on tune in to TeamRock radio or follow the #WGD17.

Joe Satriani playing portsmouth

Joe Satriani playing Portsmouth Guildhall

I hope to have given you a bit more of an idea of what its all about. if you have anything to add please feel free to comment.














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