Aurora Premium Coloured Bass Guitar Strings for 4-String Basses

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Jo Says
"With these strings there is no compromise between tone and appearance, they're great all-round."

You want your bass to look and sound amazing?  You want your strings to have great punch and twang?

Look no further then these fantastic bass guitar strings from Aurora.  They offer superb quality with amazing tone available in a range of colours and two size options  Light 40-100 and medium 45-105. 

How do we guarantee the quality? These strings are silver coated before the colour is applied.  This gives a protective layer on the strings that makes the sound long-lasting and resists corrosion.  The silver also makes the colour on the strings as bright as possible.

A brilliant new look that delivers crisp, clear, sound every time. The brightest colours you've ever heard.

These strings are manufactured with coloured round nickel wire wound around a steel hexagonal core, which gives a bright and punchy sound.  The ends are flat (barrel) ends.  This example shows a close-up of a string from the gold coloured 45-105 set.

Close-up of a gold coloured bass guitar string, showing the round wound wire and the flat barrel end.

The medium 45-105 set consists of : 45, 65, 85, 105

The Light set 40-100 set consists of : 40, 60, 80, 100

If 5 string is more your thing click here

If you need more information or are looking for a different colour or gauge please get in touch - or contact us using the feedback form, we may be able to source different colours or gauges for you we just can't stock everything all the time!


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