Microphone Stand V12 Pick Holder

  • £11.99

Andrew Says
"I designed this so guitarists could have more picks than ever on their mic stand."

This unique Microphone V12 Stand Pick Holder attaches to a microphone stand and takes 12 picks (plectrums) in 2 rows of 6, so you can have more picks than ever ready for you.  Ideal if you use more than one weight of pick when performing, or if you like to shower your fans with picks after every song.  

It is easy to fit made from soft rubber and easy to use.

To use this pick holder, fit it onto your microphone stand before loading with picks.  As the rear of the pick holder is opened by the bar the slots on the front close up to allow a good grip on the picks.  When you need to use a pick from the pick holder simply pull to remove.

These pick holders are manufactured in the UK to Fretfunk design.  Overall length 18cm, to fit on bars of diameter 14mm to 22mm.


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