Aurora Premium Coloured Bass Guitar Strings

Well hello there!

Give the lead guitarist a friendly nudge into row Z as you step forward to do your thang as show the crowd how you work like the salt that flavours the musical dish to perfection.
Now you're in the limelight make sure you grasp the adulation, having the right strings to cut it as a superstar will help massively here.
This where Aurora bass strings come into their own, superb quality that delivers amazing tone and a range of colours to suit the mood of the crowd, you can even go for UV glow if the mood takes you.
It's everything you need to not only deliver your music but to hand feed the audience an experience that will live long in the memory.
Keep your nail injuries to a minimum, just let the bass boom for longer than before.... it's the silver coated wires that makes the magic happen here.
Not only does the silver help the sound carry, it's crisper, and bassier (so bass led that we had to make a word up for it).
Take your bass to the next level.
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