Ecommerce, Trust and Security

At Fretfunk we take the security of your details seriously.  There's no point in us just saying it though, we want to help you make the right decision for you.

If you feel you don't know us enough, or you don't trust any independent online store, we suggest you check out with PayPal.  We never see your card details, PayPal have those.  You don't even need a PayPal account, you can just check out with them.  If anything goes wrong, PayPal will give you a refund and take the money back off us. We're confident this won't happen, but the point here is that this is about you.

If you're comfortable with online shopping you can pay by card as you normally would.  PayPal are our online merchant and they process our card payments.  We never see your card information, it's all handled through PayPal.  We never keep your card payments in our database, it's all held by PayPal.

We wanted to have a secure e-commerce platform.  Some companies attempt to build their own, but we realised early on that we were not going to be able to compete at website building so we built our online store on an industry leading e-commerce platform called Shopify.  We let Shopify look after the databases and storing order details as we feel they are experts at this.  We want you to feel sure that the security of your order information is in capable hands.

Fretfunk checkout on Shopify secured by DigiCert.

When you check out on our website you'll notice that you're taken through the Shopify checkout system.  This is secured with 256-bit encryption.  Please check the padlock symbol next to the web address in your browser.  You'll see that your browser recognises this site as secure and that the certificate used is valid. 

So far, we haven't really asked you to trust us, we just wanted to explain what sits behind our shop so you can feel more comfortable with our platform.  

We can now get onto telling you about Fretfunk and why we are confident that you can buy from us.  We are a family owned business, and the orders you place on our website are handled by us.  Apart from some orders placed in the USA, where we have local stock we can send direct, we pack most of our orders from our premises in Southsea, England and we have a daily trip to the Post Office to get them in the mail to you.

Fretfunk Team

This is us.  I'm Andrew and that's Jo.  We founded Fretfunk, and between us we own and run the business.  

If you ever have a problem with your order, please contact us through the feedback page on the website.  The messages come straight through to both me and Jo, and we'll do our best to make sure you are happy with Fretfunk products and service.

It matters to us.  It reflects on us personally.  Behind the website we are real people who genuinely care.

Thanks for reading.

Andrew Rivers
Fretfunk Limited