Aurora Chameleon Bass Guitar Strings (UV Enhanced)

  • £34.99

Aurora Chameleon Bass Guitar Strings are designed to make you and your strings stand out on stage, with no compromise to sound.

Aurora Strings are silver coated to ensure a long lasting colour and fantastic sound whatever your playing style. They glow in the dark under UV lighting, fantastic for any live performances.  You really will take the limelight

There are two types of string; the pink strings that glow even brighter under UV light, or for a touch of magic the invisible glow strings.  They look and feel like an ordinary set of strings then as the name suggests these chameleons change colour under UV light to glow bright red.

Playability is excellent and these strings are guaranteed to make you shine.

Check out our You tube channel for demos.

Are you daring enough to give them a go?


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